RUF Hymnal
Corrections to the 1st Printed Edition
Updated 3.26.03

When putting together any publication, one tries their hardest to not make any mistakes. Being human, though, it is possible to miss a few things here and there. Thanks to the many owners of the RUF Hymnal's 1st Edition, we have been alerted to some points that need to be changed. Their contributions are much appreciated! If you have found something to be changed that is not mentioned here, please post it on the Indelible Grace Discussion Board and we will make the corrections available on this page.

Below are the details for each correction, as well as a link to download the proper page to print off and place in your copy of the Hymnal. Most corrections are merely cosmetic and do not affect the performance of the song, so it is quite possible to merely mark the proper spot in your Hymnal.

  • A Sinner's Cry
    Bar 2 - The & of 1 is a D, not an E
    Bars 2 & 6 - & of 3 = D, 4 = E, & of 4 D
    If any of this is confusing, just view the PDF for these measures.
    Download PDF
  • Alas And Did My Savior Bleed (Guy/Purdy)
    Bar 20 - There should be a D chord on this bar.
    Download PDF
  • Always Thou Lovedst Me
    Bar 14 - There should be a D chord on this bar.
    Download PDF
  • Blessed Be The Tie That Binds
    First, the author of the words is John Fawcett.
    Second, the last line of vs. 6 should be "the fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above", not "and perfect love and friendship reign, through all eternity".
    Download PDF
  • Fairest Lord Jesus
    Bar 14 - The 2nd chord should be an A, not another D.
    Also, vs. 3 got a little messed up at the end. The last 3 syllables should be "Heav'n can boast", not "Hea-ven cbaosnt".
    Download PDF
  • Father Of Mercies In Thy Word
    Bar 11 - The word "only" should have be hyphenated ("on-ly"), thus shifting the rest of the phrase one note over.
    Download PDF (Capo Key)
    Download PDF (Real Key)
  • For All The Saints
    Bar 4 - Vs. 3 should be "O may thy soldiers faithful, true, and bold, Fight as the saints who no-bly fought of old...", not "no-body".
    Download PDF
  • Grace Greater Than Our Sin
    Bar 14 - There should be a G chord over "grace".
    Download PDF
  • I Boast No More (Real Key only)
    Bar 11 - There should be an A chord on this bar.
    Download PDF
  • Let Us Love And Sing And Wonder (Traditional & Taylor)
    In vs. 3, the 4th word should be "though", not "through".
    Download PDF (Traditional)
    Download PDF (Taylor Capo Key)
    Download PDF (Taylor Real Key)
  • Mercy Speaks By Jesus' Blood
    Bar 58 - There is a bar missing, so add a bar after 58 with a D/Eb chord.
    Download PDF (Capo Key)
    Download PDF (Real Key)
  • Psalm 130
    The 5th verse is completely missing...... oops!
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  • Who Is On The Lord's Side?
    Mo Leverett wrote the words for verse 5, not 4.
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