If Thou Hast Drawn
A Thousand Times

1. Draw me from created good,
From self, the world, and sin
To the fountain of Thy blood,
And make me pure within

Chorus: If Thou hast drawn a thousand times
(Oh draw me Lord again)
Around me cast the Spirit’s bands
(Oh draw me Lord again)

2. Lead me to Thy mercy seat,
Oh draw me nearer still
Like Mary, draw me to Thy feet,
To sit and learn Thy will
(Repeat chorus)

3. Draw me all the desert through
With cords of heavenly love
And when prepared for going home,
Oh draw me up above
(Repeat chorus twice)

©1997 Kevin Twit Music /
Nomella Music (ASCAP).

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Benjamin Beddome and
John Rippon

Kevin Twit and
Craig Brown


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