O Love Incomprehensible

Chorus: O Love incomprehensible
That made Thee bleed for me
The Judge of all has suffered death
To set His prisoner free

1. What pain what soul-oppressing pain
The Great Redeemer bore
While bloody sweat like drops of rain
Distilled from every pore!
(Repeat chorus)

2. Arraigned at Pilate’s shameful bar,
Unparalleled disgrace!
See spotless innocence appear
In guilt’s detested place
(Repeat chorus)

3. The spotless Savior lived for me,
And died upon the mount
The obedience of His life and death,
Is placed to my account!
(Repeat chorus)

4. “’Tis finished!” now aloud He cries,
No more the Law requires
And now, amazing sacrifice,
The Lord of Life expires!
(Repeat chorus)

5. On Thee alone my hope relies,
Beneath Thy cross I fall
My Lord, my Life, my Sacrifice,
My Savior and my All!
(Repeat chorus)

©2001 Kevin Twit Music.

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Augustus Toplady
(chorus and vs. 3)
Anne Steele


Kevin Twit



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