Music Books Frequently Asked Questions

Why the separate pages for "Real Key" and "Capo Key"?

To accommodate for a wide variety of musicians that will be using the music on our site, we wanted to avoid some of the hassles that come with playing in "mixed company": transposing (capoed) and non-transposing (non-capoed) instruments. The next question is "Why not put them on the same page?" Well, at times it becomes confusing to look at a page with 2 sets of chords, so to clear this up, we've made different pages to avoid all confusion. If you're making multiple copies and just don't want to deal with copying both pages, just handwrite in the proper chords on one of the charts; at least you don't have to transpose everything in your head! :)

What about Traditional Music sources, like Irish and Celtic?

On the authors page, there is a link to Various Folk Sources. On this page you will find all hymns that have come out of different national heritages, such as Irish, German, and even Chinese!

What about any corrections to the printed edition of the Hymnbook?

Thanks to contributions by a number of members in the Indelible Grace community, we have found a few of the unavoidable mishaps that were made in the first edition of the Hymnbook. If you purchased a copy of the book, go to the corrections page to read about what needs to be changed and print out the new pages. These corrected pages have already been updated on the website, so there is no need to worry about these corrections when downloading.

I would like to make format my own overheads and/or chord charts. Where can I get a file with just the lyrics?

We're sure that most groups out there have a certain way they would like to make their overheads, or would like to paste the lyrics into a powerpoint file, or, heaven forbid, not sing every verse that we've made available in our pre-made overhead and chord chart files. To keep you (or your church's secretary) from having to retype all the lyrics, we've made the entire file of lyrics available to download so you can edit to your heart's content. We've posted them on the Other Resources page.

What is the RUF Hymnbook?

A collection of lead sheets for 143 songs (including the Indelible Grace songs) used by Belmont University's Reformed University Fellowship. The Hymnbook also includes three CDs that present samples of the songs in demonstration format (i.e. guitar and voice) to aid worship leaders.

What is the Indelible Grace Songbook, Vol. 1?

A collection of the 31 songs from the CDs Indelible Grace and Pilgrim Days: Indelible Grace II.

What format are the RUF Hymnbook and Indelible Grace Songbook in?

Both feature lead sheet format (i.e. melody lines and chords).

What are the differences between the RUF Hymnbook and Indelible Grace Songbook?

The IG Songbook follows more closely the rhythms sung on Indelible Grace and Pilgrim Days, while the RUF Hymnbook tries to present a version of the songs that is better for group singing (including the appropriate keys). This only affects 5 or 6 songs.

Can I make copies of the sheet music?

Churches can make non-commercial copies of the music in the RUF Hymnbook and IG Songbook, as well as copies of the "learner" CDs that come with the RUF Hymnbook. Making copies of the IG CDs (Indelible Grace and Pilgrim Days) is not allowed. Please make sure your church or group has a CCLI license, available from Reporting your use of these songs through CCLI will help the writers continue using their gifts!

When will the piano music be available for the songs on the Indelible Grace CDs?

We are still working on them-- hopefully sometime in the first quarter of 2003.

My church/group is recording its own CD, and some of your songs are on it. How do we get permission to do this, and how do we compensate the writers?

Email Kevin Twit ( with the details about your CD, and he will direct you towards the appropriate publisher.


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