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Auburn University - Love Unknown
Auburn University - Boundless Free
Belmont University - Indelible Grace
Belmont University - Pilgrim Days
Belmont University - For All the Saints
Detuned Radio Records - Your King Has Come
Christopher Miner - Calm of Paradise
New York University - From All Their Sin & Sorrow
Red Mountain Church - Depth of Mercy
Texas A&M University - Awake My Soul, & Sing

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Hymn Resource Downloads: - Site with full hymnals for download, articles, history - Sheet music - Sheet music, MIDI files, or plain text
Cyberhymnal.orgSheet music, MIDI files
Lots of free downloads including software
The Classis Christian Ethereal Library: can view many books electronically including many books containing hymns
Full online book: Olney Hymns
Electronic Encyclopedia of Hymnology: (costs $69.95)
Site featuring new hymns - Sheet music for download
21st Century Puritan - Large collection of puritan hymns
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@ - Type "Hymnody" in the search - it will give you all the postings of responses to the Indelible Grace music
Article on musical reforms of Martin Luther
The role of hymns in worship tomorrow - Address given at a conference in 1999 about keeping hymns alive in the future