Dear Lord, Remember Me

1. Dear Lord, remember me,
a sinner weak and vile
Full of impiety,
and fraught with sin and guile
I cannot hope but in Thy blood
Remember me, O Lord, for good

2. Unable to depend
on nature-strength and power
Jesus, my soul befriend,
teach me to trust Thee more
Save me from sin and all its smart
O save me from my treacherous heart

3. Upon Thy oath I rest
my feeble soul secure
By sin I am oppressed,
but Thy salvation's sure
Though like a bottle in the smoke
I know Thy vessels can't be broke

4. 'Tis true, dear Lord,
I am a sinner vile indeed!
Yet hoping in the Lamb,
Who deigned for such to bleed
And while the Spirit seals my heart
My soul believes we ne'er shall part

5. Christ ever will defend
the people of His choice
He loves them without end,
and in them does rejoice
For them He shed His precious blood
And will present them all to God

2002, Velveteen Songs.
Used by permission. All rights reserved.



John Stevens

Katy Bowser



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