Psalm 15

Chorus: Lord who may enter?
(Who may enter?)

Lord who may dwell
In Your house?
(In Your house, Lord?)

And on Your mountain
(on Your mountain)
Your holy hill,
Who can live?
(Who can live, Lord?)

1. He who is righteous
He who is just,
Speaking the truth
In his heart
(Repeat chorus)

2. Not he who slanders
Nor those who harm
Or bring reproach
On a friend
(Repeat chorus)

3. He who despises
Those who are vile
But honors those
Who fear the Lord
(Repeat chorus)

4. He who will stand by
True to his word
He who will not
Take a bribe
(Repeat chorus)

5. He who is faithful
In all of these
He will be firm
’Til the end
(Repeat chorus)

©1995 Kevin Twit Music.

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Kevin Twit



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