Salvation To The Lamb

1. Poor sinner come, cast off thy fear,
And raise thy drooping head
Come, sing with all poor sinners here,
Jesus, who once was dead

2. Salvation sing no word more meet
To join to Jesus' name
Let every thankful tongue repeat "Salvation to the Lamb",
"Salvation to the Lamb"

3. Saints from the garden to the cross
Your conquering Lord pursue
Who, dearly to redeem your loss
Groaned, bled, and died for you

4. Now reigns victorious over death
The glorious great I am
Let every soul repeat with faith
Salvation to the Lamb. Salvation to the Lamb

5. When we incurred the wrath of God
Alas! What could be worse?
He came, and with His heart's own blood
Redeemed us from the curse

6. This Paschal Lamb, his blood can meet
And cleanse ye from each stain
Repeat, ye ransomed souls, repeat
"Salvation to the Lamb." "Salvation to the Lamb."
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2005 Justin Smith Music.
Used by permission. All rights reserved

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Joseph Hart
alt. Justin Smith

Justin Smith



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